Jensen Reign Ecommerce Web Design

Jensen Reign is a young company which has it’s roots in Australia. They have been founded by a visionary, inspirational, and creative type named Nigel Sonter. His background in business is well founded, and he was struck by an urge to create something bigger for himself & his family. His vision brought him into the jewelry market, his designs of solid silver and gold pieces speak for themselves.

The need to create a worthy online presence was paramount. We took the design and built it on Nigel’s inspirational story. We traveled to Australia in order to accumulate enough assets for the build as possible. (more on that later)

Using our skills we built a very cutting edge eCommerce site which has the abilaty to, not only sell products, but to sell products in the global market. Using Geo tech we can adjust pricing based on country currency and never charge an end user for currency conversion. This is very important because for a young company, removing barriers during the checkout process is a very big part of unlocking success in a busy online marketplace.

June, 2017
Branding, Design
Jensen Reign