Livewell Niagara

After enjoying years of success in their Niagara Falls Location, Livewell Niagara decided to freshen up their look. Along with posters, business cards, menu’s and different marketing materials we developed that fresh new digital look. We took their current services, aesthetic, in the office, logo, and built a brand new 100% responsive website to fully showcase the professionalism of the clinic. We set up photo shoots for the staff and space in order to avoid any disconnect between the physical space and the digital space.

With the brand new look, we were asked to develop a fully integrated online booking system. One which stands on our own servers, which carries no monthly fees, which is completely customized to Livewell. This was a major challenge, but the rewards were worth it. Livewell is among the first salons in Niagara to offer online bookings thanks to Pistol Designed!

January 2015
Development, Design, Marketing
Livewell Niagara