Dental Mart Sales Inc.

Dental Mart Sales has been one of our biggest accomplishment in the eCommerce realm of webdesign.

Their catalog of products is in the thousands and almost every product has multiple variations. This alone is a major challenge from a logistical point of view, so our staff worked tirelessly in redeveloping their entire inventory to work seamlessly from their shipping dept, online catalog, & in office spreadsheets. We also developed a secure checkout with no third party payment processor in order to better accommodate clients limiting the fees placed on online transactions.

To offer dentists from all over the world the opportunity to purchase every tool and product for their offices in one spot is the mission of Dental Mart. When we began with Dental Mart Sale Inc. they were well established so we freshened up their print materials, in the form of brochures and mailers.

Along with their Responsive modern website was the need to incorporate affiliate programs with their sister company’s. This project has been an ongoing collaboration for over 4 years.


December 10, 2012
Marketing, Design
Dental Mart Sales