The Loft Beauty Bar • Medspa

The Loft Beauty Bar • Medspa is a spa in Niagara Falls, which opened with loft ambitions. They wanted to blur the lines between a cozy spa and cold clinic. They succeeded and made a splash in the industry immediately.

What they needed was a site and marketing that exemplified their warm space and portray it to potential clients who would not know of their services otherwise.

So we shot every image and video we could. Then took those assets and built a truly mobile website which would be fantastic accross all devices. The additional benefit of starting at this level is that we could use all of these materials and develop strong marketing campaigns which could drive traffic and spread their services. The Loft has been a pleasure to work with and we feel their passion has been translated to their digital and print materials.

January 2017
Branding, Design
The Loft Beautybar • Medspa